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A Human Resources (HR) department is an instrumental part of any business that keeps satisfied, healthy and well being, it doesn’t matter on the size of the business, whether it is small or big. Responsibilities of Human Resources include compensation & benefits, payroll, on-boarding, off-boarding, employee induction, recruiting, terminating, and keeping up to date with statutory laws and labor laws.

Our outsourced HR solutions provide valuable support to any organization. Being based in Dubai, our experts provide a flexible and very adaptable consultancy services to any size of businesses in the Gulf region. Our motto is employer satisfaction to stand in the market for several centuries and not the money.


What can the Blue Hat HR Services do for our clients?

We can provide various consultancy services, business support services and ad-hoc services, as it suits our clients, so that they can focus on their routine / core activities.


Designing & Developing HR Policies and Procedures

Why the life of managers is tough and not so smooth? Because of the companies do not have right policies in place. Managers do struggle what decision has to be taken at times when dealing with employees. A right HR policy, procedure and training help the organization to avoid the mess and direct the managers to manage the business effectively. It protects the businesses from severe fines and makes sure that every employee and manager are compliant to policies and statutory / local laws. Our team can develop the HR policies as per the business structures, requirements and business entities. Some important policies that companies should adopt are:


  • Anti-harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure
  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
  • Computer E-mail and Internet Usage
  • Employment of Relatives-Family Members Policy
  • Expense Reimbursement Policy
  • Health care benefits policy
  • Hiring Policy and Procedures
  • Involuntary Termination of Employment Policy
  • Job Posting Policy / Staff Promotions
  • Job Requisition Preparation and Approval Process Policy
  • Leave Request Policy
  • Merit Increase Policy and Procedure
  • New-Hire Orientation Process
  • Overtime Policy
  • Personal Leave of Absence Policy
  • Progressive Discipline Policy & Procedures
  • Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Resignation Policy
  • Sick Leave Policy
  • Travel Expense Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy


Rest of the policies shall be viewed at this link


We also provide necessary HR forms that are required to comply with. Some HR forms / templates are Employee leave application form, Employee counselling form, Expense claims form (reimbursement of travel /entertainment / business expenditures),   Employee referral form etc.,

Reviewing Employment Agreements / Contracts

Employees who are working in the UAE must have a labor contract, as per UAE labor law / laws governed by certain jurisdictions. DIFC labor law slightly varies with UAE labor law. We shall be able to assist the companies in preparing / reviewing offer letters, labor contracts etc.,

UAE Labor Law

Every business operate in the UAE is subject to UAE labor Law. It must be fully compliant with local labor laws. There is no exception to any business house. We shall be able to assist any size of organizations. Any issues related to working hours, public holidays, working hours during Ramadan, HR policies and procedures, contractual clauses, employment termination, etc., We shall also be able to advise on the differences Free Zone and non-Free Zone regulations. We do update our clients on the changes of labor law as and when it gets changed.

End of service calculations in UAE

Calculation of End of Service / gratuity is one of the important services that we provide to our clients. The calculation varies between voluntary termination and involuntary termination, it varies on the length of the service completed. Paying with wrongly calculated amount may create legal issues. We make sure that our clients are compliant and protected from hassles.

Advising on visa procedures / work permit

Every expatriate must have a valid employment visa in order to perform his/her duty within an organization legally. Blue Hat HR Services can assist clients with visa processes in both offshore and Free Zone jurisdictions.

HR Support

HR support can be provided on an ad hoc basis, as and where required.

The following services are also provided by us:

  • Compensation & Benefits Administration
  • Processing offer letters
  • Processing employment contracts
  • Processing increment letters
  • Processing promotion letters
  • Processing Employee reference letters
  • Processing Employee experience certificates
  • Processing termination documents
  • HR Administration
  • Drafting HR policies
  • Data update in HR systems
  • Performance evaluation
  • Handling exit interviews and providing monthly / quarterly summary
  • Employee leave administration etc.,

UAE Labour Law – FAQs

What are the clauses that are mandatory in an employment contract?

An employment contract must have a specific date on which work starts, the type of contract (limited or unlimited), designation, amount of remuneration, notice period, probation period, working hours and annual leave entitlement.

What is the difference between a limited and an unlimited contract?

  • A limited employment contract is, by definition, set for a limited time and it is typically linked to duration of the residency visa. This contract is given to employees when they are needed for a specific period.
  • An unlimited contract is valid for an indefinite period. Either the employee or the employer can terminate the contract for any reasons under the UAE labor Law.

How is end of service gratuity calculated for an unlimited term (indefinite term) contract?

The days of absence from work without pay shall not be included in the calculation of the period of service and the gratuity. In general, an employee is not entitled to EOS gratuity if he/she has been terminated for gross misconduct pursuant to the provisions of the UAE Labor Law.

Per Article 137, an employee who resigns (voluntary termination) over the course of an unlimited employment contract will be entitled to EOS as per the following calculation:

  • 7 days’ basic salary from one to three years (not applicable for less than one year).
  • 14 days’ basic salary from three to five years.
  • 21 days’ basic salary for each year of first five years (if service is longer than five years)
  • 30 days’ basic salary for each additional year (if service is longer than five years)

Calculation of End of Service for employees that have been terminated (involuntary) would be as stated below:

  • 21 days’ basic salary for each year of the first five years.
  • 30 days’ basic salary for each additional year.

How is end of service gratuity calculated for a limited term (definite term) contract?

An employee is entitled for End of Service after completing one year of service with the employer. However, the employee is not entitled for gratuity if the employee resigns on limited contract during the limited contract period.  The days of absence from work without pay shall not be included in the calculation of the period of service and the gratuity. The calculation will be as stated below:

If employee has resigned (voluntary termination):

Per Article 138, if an employee resigns prior to completing contract period, he/she is not entitled for any End of Service Benefits.

Resignation after completing a 5-year period: 21 days of basic salary per year for the first 5 years and 30 days of basic salary per year from 6th year onwards.



If employee has been terminated (involuntary termination):

Termination prior to completing the contract period: 21 days of basic salary per year for the first 5 years and 30 days of basic salary per year from 6th year onwards.

Termination after completing a 5-year period: 21 days of basic salary per year for the first 5 years and 30 days of basic salary per year from 6th year onwards.

If an employee has been terminated arbitrarily prior to end of the contract, any other compensation must be paid by the employer?

Per Article 123, the employer may liable to pay the employee, the wages for the rest of the period until end of the contract. However, the additional compensation for arbitrary termination shall not exceed a maximum of 3 month of wages.

Is a notice period applicable in case of definite contract / limited period contract?

No, there is no notice period applicable in the case of limited contract. It automatically expires.

If there is no clause written in the contract about the duration, whether should I consider it as limited or unlimited contract?

Per Article 39, if there is no clause specified related to duration, it should be considered as unlimited contract.

My contract was for a specific duration (limited contract), which has expired. I am continuing to work with the same employer. Can you specify whether it is to be determined as limited contract or unlimited contract?

Per Article 39, if the employee is continuing without renewing the contract, it will be considered as unlimited contract.

What is a probation period?

The employee may be asked to undergo a probation period that mustn’t exceed six months. During probation period employment contract may be terminated by the employee or employer with notice period of up to 7 days.

Rest of the policies that are recommended

  • Access to Personnel Files Policy
  • Background Check Policy and Procedure
  • Background Check Policy
  • Bonus Policy – Customer Service Incentive Plan
  • Bonus Policy – Officer and Management Level Plan
  • Bonus Policy – Basic Profit-Based Plan
  • Bonus Policy – Employee Retention Plan
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Company Cell Phone Policy
  • Company Vehicle Usage Policy
  • Conflict Resolution Policy
  • Disaster Preparedness – Emergency Evacuation Program Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Drug Testing (Pre-Employment Drug Testing Policy)
  • Drug Testing Policy (Random Testing)
  • Educational Assistance Policy – Benefit Amount Varies
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Policy
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Policy – For Employees and Family Members
  • Employee Records Confidentiality Policy
  • Employee Records Policy
  • Employee Referral Program Procedures
  • Gift Acceptance Policy
  • Intern Hiring Policy
  • Job Abandonment Policy
  • Job Posting Policy
  • Job Rotation Policy
  • Laptop Security Policy
  • Performance and Salary Review Policy
  • Performance Review Meeting Checklist
  • Physical Medical Exams / Medical Examination Policy
  • Poster and Reporting Compliance Policy
  • Professional Development /Professional training, certification and membership policy
  • Progressive Discipline Policy / Varied Disciplinary Process Based on Type of Misconduct
  • Recognition Policy / Service Awards and Retirement Gifts
  • Recordkeeping Policy Record Maintenance Retention and Destruction
  • Reduction in Force Policy /Selection and Severance Pay
  • Rehire Eligibility and Service Recognition
  • Relocation Expenses Policy
  • Relocation / Relocation Policy and Procedures
  • Sales Commission Policy /Timing and Manner of Payment
  • Social Media Policy
  • Suggestion /Employee Suggestion Program Policy
  • Use of Company Property Policy
  • Use of Office Facilities for Nonwork Functions Policy
  • Wellness / Fitness Center Policy


Note: The answers provided in this page are generic. Each case may vary according to various factors. We are not liable for any legal claim or responsible, if you have used any or part of the answers specified in this page. You are requested to contact / consult our specialists prior to conclude or take a decision.

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